Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Introduction to new anime, part 3.


Fighting Beauty Uuron

Category: Fanservice/Martial Arts

This series seems to take place in Osaka, so everyone speaks Kansai-ben and therefore I understand even less than usual. So some of my info may be inaccurate or downright wrong. :P

Initial rating: Okay if you like seeing women beat up bad guys and/or each other.

The main character: Mao Ran. Seventeen years old and capable of kicking large amounts of butt. Flashes her panties a lot, also seen naked several times in just the first two episodes.

Her grandfather: If he's not beating up random goons who are too stupid to not challenge him, he's either getting drunk or reading/watching porn.

Then there's Tsao Lin-shen, who isn't very strong, but wants to get stronger.. order to defeat her older sister, Tsao Chun-yan

Then there are a couple of guy characters. They aren't very interesting.
And if I understand the plot correctly, the perverted grandfather signed Ran up for a women fighters' show where she'll get to fight Tsao Chun-yan.

To make this worthy of the "not worksafe" warning, here are some more screenshots:

Tags: anime, mini-reviews

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