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K-F is changing to the X264 codec, which requires more CPU power to decode. I won't be able to watch One Piece anymore, at least not until I get a sound card for Matsuri. Her 1.7GHz CPU might be up to it, but Lorelai's 750MHz isn't.

Cell phone not shipped yet. Have not even been given an estimate on when. At least I don't pay until I get it.

Unable to find the information I need on slugs. Need to find out which species are native to Norway and which are imported.
Pretty much all news articles are about the Iberia Slug, also called the brown slug, or the murder slug. Pro-slug groups say that there's a native brown slug that may be mistaken for being the more vicious imported variety, anti-slug groups say there is no such thing as a native brown slug - it's all the Iberia slug. Who am I to believe, then?  And how do I identify the species of all those slugs I photograph? What about those grey ones? What are those? And what is the Norwegian name of the Leopard Slug?

Perhaps the reason I care so much about slugs is that hardly anyone else does. I've found a niche. All they care about is how to kill them.


I made cupcakes yesterday. They turned out quite good.

Status on the combo drive is "expected in 1-2 days" instead of "expected in 1-3 days" - progress, at least.

I've finally resumed working on my site. Not much, but some, and I've enjoyed it.

mdyaoi: You are crazy, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

And, just documenting.. Yesterday morning, the vile one had still not removed his accumulated hair from the shower cabinet's drain, so I asked him if he would, and he blew up at me. He swore loudly and told me how much it bothered him that my hair was in the sink (there's more of his there than of mine, and he's never hinted at it for the over four years I've lived here) while storming upstairs to do what he should.
The best part is that the landlady partially overheard the ruckus. She asked me what it was about, and I truthfully told her that I had just asked him to remove his hair from the shower drain.
It's also been over a month since my beer was stolen. I was going to remind him of it again, but after being cussed out for telling him to do what any decent human being should do, I don't particularly feel like exposing myself to that kind of abuse again.
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