Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


So I got drunk today, which was fun all on its own.. I must say that the current Naruto fillers aren't that bad when viewed intoxicated. But it's an insult to a sober person's mind.

But anyway, while drunk I got two happy emails: They've shipped my cellphone (will possibly have it tomorrow), and the computer store has all my loot in stock now, ready for me to go down there and pick it up. Which I'll do tomorrow as they are closing quite soon, and I may suffer aftereffects of my intoxication that I would rather have at home than out in public.

So, tomorrow will be a joyous day. Even if it means I have to give away a large sum of money.

Am however mostly sober again now. Wondering how well I will take to the last couple of filler episodes.
Tags: alcohol, drunk

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