Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Adventures with Secunda


This always happens, doesn't it?

Secunda's bios won't detect the new 40GB drive. My old 30GB drive is detected, but for sentimental reasons I don't want to put it into a computer I am going to part with.

However, once booted from CD, I am able to see the drive.. So I can do (as an example) the first part of the windows install, but when it gets to the point where it needs to boot from the HD, it can't.

The BIOS is ancient. 1998. Okay, that's not ancient, but it's still old. Flashing the BIOS could help, but I have never done that before, and I can't even determine the model number of the motherboard. Secunda does have a floppy drive. I want to flash the bios just to have done it.

Alternatively, I'm thinking about finding some roundabout way to boot from the HD, like booting from some live CD with a menu where I can select "boot from HD"..

I had planned to install BeatrIX (a variety of Ubuntu linux), but when trying to install it to HD, I only get the option to partition the drive.. which works, but it then keeps telling me I don't meet the requirements. I did make a swap partition too, but apparently I still didn't qualify, and it doesn't specify any more than that I need "More than 0 GB (yes, it says that) and a 128MB or more swap partition if I have less than 512MB ram (currently 128MB, hoping to be able to add another 128 or 64 MB soon)

Now downloading the suse net install CD. I was able to get online from BeatrIX, so at least I know the network card works. But it's going rather slowly, I'll continue tomorrow.

Advice and suggestions are welcome. For those of you not intimately familiar with my computers, Secunda is a P2 333MHz that I adopted when my old job was going to scrap it.
Tags: computer geekery

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