Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

The frustration makes it not quite worth it.


So yay, I got my shiny new cell phone last week. Today I got the PIN code so I can actually use it, and I went out and purchased that USB cable I needed. I visited four stores, prices ranging from 395,- to 599,- for the same identical cable. Cheh, that's a bit expensive just for an USB cable, but I guess Sony Ericsson didn't give the phone a regular USB mini port so users would have to buy their cable.

So I plug it in and install drivers. Nothing seems to happen, so I read the help file, which tells me to plug it in and install the drivers, and if I want to actually use it too, go to the website and download the appropriate version of the file manager. So I do. I follow all the instructions, and nothing happens.

I try starting the program numerous times, nothing happens. I look in "My Computer" but there's no new devices there. I poke around some time on the website and find a file transfer guide. Yay! At this point I'm already halfway into installing it on Matsuri because I figure it'd work on a more vanilla install of Windows.

And this file transfer guide tells me of this "My phones" icon that is supposed to appear on my desktop.

I don't have icons on my desktop. I think it looks messy. Just because those idiots assumed everyone runs a normal setup.. they could've just added a note to access "the icon on your desktop" and I'd have known to navigate to the desktop folder right away.

But that wasn't all. Connectivity was very erratic, until I figured out to plug the cable directly into the computer rather than through the USB hub, which I love using because it means I don't have to reach behind the computer.

So I filled my phone's puny memory with midi files, and deleted the ones I could out of the preinstalled ringtones. I wouldn't be caught dead with a default ringtone. :P

Disconnected the phone, leaving the cable in because I'd use it again eventually, so why reach to the back of the computer just to have to do it again?

Some ten minutes or so later? Blue Screen of Death.

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