Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Meanwhile, in my mundane life..


I have a cold. Should've worn a scarf and a thicker jacket when I walked home from Aniki's place.

Anyway, next Katamari session is unknown. Maybe next weekend, he's busy this one. Talked a lot about the good old days, and planned to bring my Commodore 64 over to his place to check if it's working. When I described how it acted, he said it sounded like the tape drive wasn't properly aligned. He might be able to fix it for me. And we talked about how we really need to finish Caverns of Khafka, which has haunted us since early childhood.

Today, I did very little. Slept badly because of my cold. Had breakfast around 3 PM. Starting to run low on tissues.

Did a lot of downloading, hacking away at a huge backlog of torrents on my to-download list. Some were defunct already, but they weren't too important. Deleted some stuff too, so I have a couple of gigs more free than I started out with this morning.

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