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Happy birthday, Kimi-chan ^_^

I made a new speed record on my fserve today. Average speed of 63.1kb/sec for a 243MB file. Yay. Person's IP didn't resolve, but with that speed I'd be shocked if they weren't in Scandinavia. I got a stable 38kb/sec to someone in the US the other day.. That little boost to my upstream I got when I had my IP telephony activated is nice.

Need to call and cancel my regular phone service. Just got the phone bill the other day, and it was 278 kroner without me having made a single outgoing call that month. Now that I have my IP phone and a cellphone, the regular phone is redundant.

Nothing of note happened today. My sister is visiting me tomorrow and staying the night. I should do my best to sleep now and get up early tomorrow and clean my room so there's room for the spare bed, which is stashed away on my balcony.

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