Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

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Oh, hey, cool, the new SeMagic has my tags nested under each letter instead of a huge list covering most of my screen. Thank you, SeMagic people. You rock, but you need to write a feature for tabbed blogging, because I keep leaving an entry half done and go off to write something else, so I end up using that horrible LochJournal sometimes.

Oh yeah, and you need to stop using IE for previewing. I don't care how my entry looks in IE, all my close friends use FireFox or Opera anyway. Except maybe Maully and Kaos-kun. Get out and try out different browsers, you lazy bastards. Don't be content with an inferior product just because it's the one that has been sitting in front of your nose for years.

Saying that, I should really try out the new Opera myself. I hear it no longer has that ad banner on the free version as it used to.. but.. FireFox has AdBlock.. Need Adblock.

And my room is a mess because I poured the contents of my top desk drawer out across the floor. Scissors, knife, pens, paperclips, two vibrators, several floppy disks, several packs of toothpicks and dental floss, lip balm, vitamins, allergy meds, tweezers, duct tape, a snarpvirvel (sorry, no clue what that's called in English), a ring I received as a present years ago..  and a large amount of paper-based clutter, of course. I have a lot of work to do.

But instead I'm going to get some tea and work on my site a little. I think.
Tags: everyday boring entry

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