Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

What's the opposite of "just one of those days"?


I'm almost shocked. While cleaning up the contents of the desk drawer, I found my long-lost library card.

Thinking my luck might be good today, I rummaged around the bookcase housing my TV, and yes, I did find my long-lost remote control.

But I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when one cleans in places that hasn't seen the sun for years.

Then I cleared away more clutter, throwing some of it away, vacuumed and cleaned the floor.. I think it's a little bit tidier than back when I assembled my bed, making it the best it's been for.. longer than I care to think back.

People should visit me more often. Not only do I need the company, it also helps me clean my room.

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