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Yeah, I've been out of it. This is the entry I wrote yesterday and forgot to post:
So tempted to just go back to bed..

We took a slow morning. Sigrid had a shower, we talked for a while, looked at my photos.. I learned that Hovland (my family's rat) has a couple of cancerous growths. She's old anyway, so her passing away soon isn't quite a tragedy - I think she's cute, but I never really got attached to her, you know? I still think I should visit my family soon so I can say goodbye to the little critter.

And I wish my family would tell me such things instead of waiting for it to come up in conversation. "How's <pet>?" "Oh, he died" is just too harsh. (I wouldn't be surprised if that happened with my family. "How's Odessa" "She ran away days ago and is still missing" happened while they were catsitting when I was on vacation).

So I don't care all that much about a rat, but I'd still want to know what's going on.

But anyway.. Sigrid and I had a good time last night.

And back to today: Today I got out of bed just after noon. Found an unopened chocolate bar under a piece of furniture, and I snacked on it until it was gone, while playing Dungeon Hack on Ao-chan. Then I had a shower, and around 5 PM I finally had breakfast. And played more Dungeon Hack. My character is a level 10/11 Fighter/Mage now.. Just a short while ago she kicked a lot of behind, but now that I'm on level 10 and there are Undead Beasts roaming about, I am dying a lot more often. And since I have no clerical magic, it takes around 400 hours to rest up to full health if I'm badly hurt. Whee. Good thing I  have a ring of sustenance so I don't need food, or I'd be so dead. There are "vending machines" that heal you, but I'd run out of money fast if I had to rely entirely on those.

Just one more level up as Mage and I can start casting True Seeing.

Stupid SeMagic dictionary doesn't have essential everyday words like "mage" and "undead"..
Tags: dungeon hack, family, retro gaming

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