Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

downtime and more anime mini-reviews.

My internet connection went down this morning. Or rather, my line died. Couldn't use the phone either.

Progress? I actually got up in the morning (around seven) today. Okay, so I'm just eating breakfast now at 14:00, but I've already done laundry and descended a few levels into my current dungeon.

It's snowing. Not heavily, but it has been snowing for hours now. It rather makes me not want to go outside.

I picked up the receiver of my landlady's phone and found out that she didn't have a dial tone either. Usually when one phone doesn't work, the other does. If only I had friends in the area, I could find out if it's a wider area that is hit, or just our house.
My phone line and my landlady's line are connected to two different points. Weird, but that's how it is.

It's back now, obviously. For a while I thought about trying to figure out how to use my cellphone as a modem. I'm sure it'd be slow and expensive. I should figure out how to do phone posts so I can call from my cell and let everyone know my status, but all the numbers listed are in the US.. I think there was something in lj_nifty about an UK number way back.. but I don't think that would make much of a difference. The part that has me stumped is that they require 10-digit numbers. Norwegian phone numbers are eight digits. Do they mean I should include the country code? What?

Anyway, while offline, I watched some anime for you guys:

Paradise Kiss was just weird - and not in a good way. I guess I didn't understand it, but it didn't seem interesting at all.

Our heroine.

One of the group of weirdo wanna-be fashion designers who try to get miss main character to be their model.

Unless I totally misunderstood. See, not interesting at all.

Angel Heart is good. Set in the same world as City Hunter (which I am unfortunately unfamiliar with), can't tell if it's a sequel or a spin-off. Watched the first three episodes and it looks very nice. It's about a female assassin, and I can't go into much more detail without touching spoilers. Worth checking out, but it doesn't seem like any groups have started subbing it yet.

Saeba Ryo a.k.a City Hunter, the main character of the City Hunter series. Here trying to drink coffee while tied up. Don't ask.

The main character of Angel Heart, codename "Glass Heart" - she's got the moves, and she doesn't need skimpy outfits like a certain other new anime. :P

Guns, knives, broken glass.. she's proficient with most killing utensils.

Dungeon Hack progress: Am now on the final level of the dungeon. Playing on moderate difficulty, maybe I'll try hard next.
Tags: anime, downtime, mini-reviews

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