Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Have acquired cat food. Was running a bit low, wasn't sure if it'll last until next payday or not, so I went ahead and bought a new 5kg bag while I still have money.

Signed the document stating that my doctor has informed me of numerous other birth prevention methods and I know that the procedure is practically non-reversible and I still want my tubes tied. The wait is going to take a while (possibly over half a year), but the wheels are starting to turn.

I'd like to move before anything actually happens, so I don't have to deal with this crap while recuperating.

The results from the sleep test didn't point to any specific cause. My breathing could be better, but is within normal range, so it's not sleep apnea. Until next time, my doctor will try to figure out where to refer me next, to try to solve this mystery.
And I need to write that letter to send to various psychiatrists & such, to find one I can see regularly on a long-term basis. Or at the very least a draft that my doctor can help finish before sending.
She almost had me convinced I could actually do it.

I am also tasked to make a list of jobs I could see myself doing, and companies I'd like to work for, for my next appointment with that work psychologist, on Monday. Guess who hasn't even started yet?

I actually want to do that article on slugs that my aetat contact person wanted me to write, but have so far been unable to gather reliable information.

Add to my misery the fact that the landlady left again yesterday, and today the house reeks of tobacco. Have taken photos of the used ashtray in the TV room to show her when she gets back. But I don't think the vile one will suffer any consequences for it. She's never truly punished him before, for any of the crap he's done, both to me and to her. I'm sort of starting to despise her now, for not taking better care of her tenant, or herself for that matter. If someone was verbally abusing me in my own home, I'd kick them out and change the locks if I had to, family or not. How can anyone put up with that shit?
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