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Was kept up last night by loud video gaming with intermittent roaring laughter. The vile one has his alleged nephew over, a boy who looks to be around eighteen years old.

I wonder if I'll be able to use the kitchen at all today. And the shower cabinet is starting to look disgusting. No one has washed it since I did, back in early September. The sole responsibility of cleaning the bathroom shouldn't fall on me when I'm sharing it with others.

Oooo. I just read an ad for a nice, small apartment. Rent same as this dump. Have sent a mail asking if cats are allowed.. although it wouldn't surprise me if he's already found a tenant, I have to try. It's over on the other side of town, but close to the woods, which is a good thing. Although I'd very much like to stay in this area, I may not have that luxury if I want a larger place for the same cost.
Ah, to live alone again.. That would be sweet.
Tags: apartment hunt, die worthless parasite die!

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