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Argh. Pain. Angst.

My uterus is not happy today. A fact I have not forgotten, but it insists on giving me frequent, not-so-gentle reminders. Kind of like Norton Internet Security 2003, which would remind me four times a day that my subscription was about to run out when I had a whole month left. And it had this drop-down box where you could choose "remind me again tomorrow" or "remind me again in 15 days," but regardless of which one I chose, it would remind me again in six hours. No "shut up and let me enjoy my last month in peace" option. I ended up uninstalling the piece of crap before the month was over, swearing to never buy anything from Symantec again.

But that was then, and this is now, and today has been a mix of unpleasantries and relaxation. I woke up around four, used the toilet, went back to bed.. I didn't even think the cat was in, but she must've been, because around six she was crying, sounding desperate. When I opened the door to my room she quickly darted inside. What could have spooked her like that? And it wasn't that she needed a litterbox, because she stayed on the balcony for quite some time before climbing down.

So I went back to sleep, and woke up around ten. Fairly nice time to get up. I take a shower and go back to my room and lounge around a bit, playing more Dungeon Hack. I hear the front door. The vile one is leaving again. I go to inspect what kind of mess he's left behind this time. Lots of hair in the shower drain. Frying pan dirty like it's been for the past three days now. What a pig. And he's going to yell at me again when I tell him to clean up his messes. Or if I tell him to give back the beer he stole almost two months ago now. It's also been almost two months since the bathroom was last cleaned. I bet he'll yell at me if I tell him to clean it. He'll probably go "You use it more than I do, it's your responsibility to clean it".. I cleaned it the last time, and the time before, and probably the time before that again too. I don't think I've seen him clean it even once.

Maybe Harriet-san will really kick him out when I show her the pictures and tell her that I'm reading ads for apartments daily and have even answered some (well, one, but I got a reply back that they'd rather not have a tenant with a cat).

So as not entirely waste my day, I'm attempting to sew a cute little pouch for my cellphone. To shield it from dust and stuff. It looks a bit amateurish, but it's green and coming along nicely in my opinion.
Tags: die worthless parasite die!, odessa

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