Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Seems I still have some fighting to do before I can get what I want.


Got a letter from the hospital today. My sterilization has been approved and they estimate I may have to wait eight months to get it.

On the second page, there is information about Essure. The third page is a form I have to sign and return to them to make sure that there is no misunderstanding and that I am aware that the procedure costs 6079 NOK. But it just says "sterilization for females," nothing about which kind of procedure. Plenty of room for misunderstanding there.

Although they don't clearly state it, it sounds like they want to give me Essure, since no other methods were even mentioned. I don't want it. I want a tubal ligation. I don't want implants, I want a scar.


Will talk to my doctor about this when I see her again on Friday.

And six thousand kroner for Essure? That's such a rip-off. The procedure probably doesn't even cost that much. A tubal ligation at that cost I can understand. It's surgery.

Now I'm worried that the answer I'll get is that they aren't doing non-Essure sterilizations anymore because Essure is so much more efficient and don't require overnight hospital stays and whatnot. Moneygrubbing bastards.
Tags: medical log

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