Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

A reminder of why I don't have a social life.


My mom, my sister and her boyfriend came over today. I finally got to meet the guy. Mom drove us into town and went back home, and the three of us were going to see a movie. We decide on The Corpse Bride, and having almost two hours until the movie starts, we go out to eat. Three of us sharing a large pizza was just right, and not too expensive. I didn't have any cash, so Roni (Sigrid's boyfriend) paid.

Had another expense buying drinks and snacks for the movie.

Highlight of the night was meeting HansO (an old friend) and his girlfriend.. they were seeing the same movie. So I got a much-needed hug, and we talked for a few minutes before and after the movie.

The movie was nice, and there weren't anyone who ruined it by eating noisy snacks, and there were no children present. So it was probably a good idea that we chose The Corpse Bride over Howl's Moving Castle.. which we did mainly because Roni would have a hard time coping with Japanese with Norwegian subtitles.

Then we walked toward the train station, talked a bit.. I felt a bit crappy, in the way, and very lonely.

Got to the train station. I insisted on paying for their tickets to make up for the food, because it's just embarrassing to have my little sister's boyfriend treat me to dinner.

Lastly, I had to buy myself another multipass to get back home. With all the expenses I had tonight.. it's not easy to say it was "worth it." If I hadn't met HansO and gotten a hug, I'd have called it a waste.

But I had a good time most of the time, and the pizza was quite good.
It's just.. I can't afford to do this kind of thing more than 2-3 times a year. This morning, I was finally feeling like I had caught up, was even considering buying a few CDs.. haven't done that for several months now. And then I spent about half of the money that has to last the next two weeks in a single night. It's a bit depressing.

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