Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Yesterday was okay. Didn't do much of any particular thing, but progressed in Dungeon Hack and Metroid Fusion.. the game is so much more fun now that I can jump higher. And I finally learned how to do that flip-off-the-wall jump. Current thing I'm stuck on is not knowing how to get to where I'm supposed to go.. but that's just as well, I don't feel ready for another boss fight so soon.

Called for an appointment with an ear specialist and got an appointment tomorrow because they had a cancellation. Was nervous, but the phone call went well.. just had to tell myself that I simply had to do it.
My right ear has been acting up again lately, and I worry that I'll get the same kind of infection when I go back to Florida as I did last time, so I'm seeing a doctor about it. It was either tomorrow at 11 or Friday at 9, so I figured 11 is more reasonable for someone with morning-sluggishness.

Other things I need to do include calling my phone provider and canceling their service, which I've been putting off because I'm worried they'll misunderstand and just shut off the whole line, blocking my DSL.. and writing a letter to that hospital to tell them that I want a good old-fashioned tubal ligation, not Essure.. and writing that letter to get a psychologist. New deadline for that last one is December 2nd.

With all these things causing me stress, I don't even have time to feel guilty for neglecting my website.

But I can't afford to neglect my health, so I'm going for a walk now. Maybe into town, I  have a library book I need to return. It's not due for another two weeks, but I've finished reading it, so there's no reason for me to hang on to it.
Tags: everyday boring entry, games, medical log

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