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Up before dawn today. Played more Metroid Fusion, getting past an obstacle that had me stumped yesterday, reaching a boss that totally annihilated me.. maybe I'll beat it tomorrow. I don't really have all that much time to play today.

Doctor visit went fine.. I was a bit nervous, but the doc had an excellent bedside manner. He didn't see anything wrong with my ear, though.. so he gave me a hearing test for the heck of it, and I have reduced hearing, particularly on my right ear. Not surprised. It's nowhere near so bad as to warrant getting a hearing aid, and I don't really think of it as a disability, I just sometimes have a hard time hearing what people say. Particularly in English. Norwegian is a little easier, Japanese the easiest. Funny how the language I know the least is the easiest to hear what is said in. Too bad hearing doesn't mean comprehending.

But most importantly, I got advice on how to avoid getting the same kind of infection as last year: avoid getting water in my ears. He suggested covering cotton balls in vaseline and sticking them in my ears before bathing or showering. I'm going to feel so silly doing that, but at least no one can see me do it.

Walked around town a bit afterwards, spent some more money, took some photos.
Annoyed over the people. There are so many of them. A lot of them smoke. A few stink in other ways. Most of my trip was unpleasant. Very few people seemed to be happy to be there.

After coming home, I mostly wasted the day by playing Dungeon Hack. Completed the game I was on (Erzebeth van Dork, my chaotic evil half-elven cleric/mage), started a new game as "Solfatara Pie", a neutral good human bard. Couldn't think of a good name, and I wanted a silly one, so I hit up my favorite anagram generator and tried out various things until I got one I liked.. The name has Pie in it, how awesome is that? Cookie to anyone who figures out what words I anagrammed.

I'm so glad that bards have wizard spells.. I hate going through the game without Improved Identify.. but she doesn't even know Detect Magic! I hope I find a scroll soon.. Vampiric Touch would be useful too, as I have no means of healing other than the vending machines and whatever Wands of Curing or Healing Potions I come across.

I'm not surprised SeMagic's spellchecker didn't know the word "solfatara," but it should have known "vampiric"..
Tags: everyday boring entry, games, medical log

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