Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

blah blah, anime mini-reviews.


I liked Black Cat - didn't understand much, but it had style. And a cool guy with green hair.

I also liked Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo). It seems to be a series of stand-alone episodes. There's a website that can only be accessed at midnight.. if you enter the name of someone you have a grudge against, the hell girl will come and drag them off to hell, but in doing so, your own soul will also be taking the same path once you die..  An interesting look into the lives of desperate people who choose to face an eternity in hell to end their present torment.

Noien - mou hitori no kimi e was weird, but interesting. Although the two main characters are kids, they didn't annoy me.

Blood+ is based on the anime movie Blood: The Last Vampire, and from episode 1 it seems pretty generic. There wasn't anything in it that made me need to continue watching, but there weren't any annoyances either.

Lamune was hate at first sight. Just from the intro, several female characters, most with hair of various shades of pink and purple, and one male character of no remarkable features. Uh oh, harem anime. Five minutes into it, there's a pantyshot of a clearly underage girl. Maybe they think it's funny, I just think it's disgusting. The male lead's teasing of the female lead is just mean, and she's a helpless twit who blushes if he's ever nice to her. Toxic, avoid at all costs. Oh, and boring. Nothing happened! I want my 24 minutes back!

Shakugan no Shana didn't interest me much - but it gets a plus for the creepy supernatural beasties actually being creepy. But I didn't like the drawing style, everyone had too large eyes.

antimerus already beat me to reviewing Karin. Just watched the first episode, and I sort of liked it.. funny concept, at least.

Still have three more to check out.. and I haven't even touched sequels and spin-offs, apart from Angel Heart.
Wasted many hours today playing Dungeon Hack. -_-
Tags: anime, mini-reviews

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