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I feel like every time I get to strike an item off my to-do list, I have to write down a new one.

Thanks to my beloved she-cat who insisted I get out of bed for no apparent reason this morning, even going so far as to jump on my leg (thank you for not hitting any sensitive areas), I was awake during part of the telephone hours of the person I needed to talk to at the hospital. Even gathered my courage and made the call.

They don't do tubal ligations, but she told me of another hospital that does (she even called them to verify this), but she couldn't answer whether the tubal ligation procedure is implant-free or not. aetherspoon told me yesterday that they use rings or clamps to shut the fallopian tubes instead of burning them shut.. first time I've heard of that. According to my doctor, the tubes are burned shut, but she hadn't even heard about Essure, so I suppose she's a bit behind on sterilization info.

So now I have to call this other hospital to find out how they do the procedure. If there are no implants, fine, I'll wait however long it takes. If there are implants, I might as well get Essure instead.. but I'm not prepared to pay 6000 kroner for Essure. It's going to take me some time to get used to the idea..

And now I have to go into town to meet the seller of that 10GB harddisk I won on qxl last night. Saves me half the cost of the harddrive in shipping.. but unless I walk both ways, half the money I saved is eaten by the metro ticket. Could use the exercise anyway, had some of that old pain again yesterday, an indication that I haven't been moving around enough lately.

Oh, yesterday.. I was going to not play a lot of Dungeon Hack, and read at least four chapters.. But then I got depressed while working on the sterilization issue and spent most of the day playing.

Second random generated failure encountered: Level with teleporters, where a part of the dungeon was simply inaccessible. I even scoured the walls for buttons or illusionary walls, there was no way to get to the part with the stairs down. The first error was simply a pit in front of the lock to a door, so it couldn't be opened.. but it was a non-essential part of the dungeon, so it was skippable.

I used the debug mode to walk through the wall and continued merrily on my way.
Tags: dungeon hack, sterilization

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