Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

The things I waste money on at IKEA


The only thing I knew for certain that I'd get was a couple of those drinking glasses I love.. but, they were out of green ones.

anyway, here's the stuff I got:

Minifångst heng - 9 kr - I couldn't resist. It's green, it's nifty, it was cheap. It is not entirely useless.

Förvar krukke - 15 kr - already have two of these, and could use a third, so I got it. Semi-planned purchase.

Smula brett - 15 kr -  my old tray is about to fall apart. Would have preferred wood to plastic, but it was cheap, and I suppose it'll be easier to clean than a wooden tray.

Glis (I think) - 19 kr - much love for these stackable boxes. Already have three, have wanted more for a while, but the last couple of IKEA visits, I haven't seen them.

Prompt - 69 kr - I've wanted a muffin tray for some time.. you could argue I don't need it, but tough luck; I'm the one who decides how my money is spent wasted.

Burken - 29 kr - just a glass jar for keeping stuff. Not sure what I'll keep in it yet, probably some kind of food.

Mixtur - 39 kr for the larger, 25 kr for the smaller - oven safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Needed square ones, as I'm planning to make lasagna. >_>

Tindra - 12 kr - scented candles are a weakness of mine. Melon scented.

<can't make out the name on the receipt> - 35 kr - I found this slighty asymmetrical plate hard to resist.

Diod - 19 kr - Handmade (or rather, "mouthblown"), so each is unique. Unfortunately, they were out of the green ones. I bought two.

Sandel - 35 kr - This is supposedly a flowerpot. In green glass. I have plans for it, but won't put those plans into motion until I return, as I think my baby oak tree is safer in my self-watering flowerbox while I'm gone.

Gingerbread cookie dough  (1kg) - 25 kr

Syntes - large plate (19 kr) and small plate (15kr)

I bought a day pass before heading out, so I can travel freely until around 2 PM tomorrow, so if I can get up early enough, I'm going into town to take the free bus out to IKEA at Slependen, to see if they have what the IKEA at Furuset didn't. I promise I will spend far less money tomorrow. ^_^'
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