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Niichan told me I should post here so people wouldn't worry about me, because I haven't posted for a week. I think most of you guys are used to that anyway.

Nothing of particular interest has happened, though. I've had some good days, then I've been depressed some, encumbered by the stress of deadlines looming closer. And my ability to procrastinate is a fearsome thing. If only I could control it.

It's been snowing, and generally a few degrees below freezing, so I haven't gone out much. Wake up with the old, familiar pain about every other day. Lack the discipline to do what I must to get better.

Oh yeah, and I picked up Metroid Fusion again last night, and finally got past that boss that kept defeating me before. The key to success turned out to learn the rhythm of its attacks and avoid being hit, and just blast it when I got a window of opportunity. Have reached another boss. Ran out of batteries during the fight. On the second attempt, I charted its movement pattern and weakness, but ran out of energy not long before I would have defeated it. Unless it morphs into a second form, I should be able to beat it next time I try.

Two days ago, I had my mother come over to help me write an important letter I need to finish before today. She kept saying I did all the work, which I suppose is true, but I'd be helpless without her. Then we went out and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire together. Liked it very much, but I could tell that a lot had been omitted, and I haven't even read the book yet. So I'm really looking forward to doing that, when I have the time.

And just like every winter before this one, the rows upon rows of murdered conifers appear at the kiosk by the subway station. Those trees are going to rain needles by christmas eve unless they are taken damn good care of - well, as good care one can take of someone that's dead anyway.

Someone should draw a picture of tree-people (ents, treants, whatever) decorating a human corpse with glitter and lights and stuff.

I'm proud of my family for changing to plastic. As for me, I still want one of those small fiberoptic trees.
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