Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Since I have a water boiler, peanut butter and pre-sliced bread in my room, I didn't venture downstairs until quite late. Saw that my landlady has left a note for me in the kitchen.

(paraphrased) "Dear Ragnhild,
Have gone to Rome to visit my daughter.
Would you like this pineapple?

Will be back on the 7th.

Love, Harriet"

(not 100% sure about the last part, it was in italian, but "amore" is a dead giveaway, isn't it?)

So yay, I have the house for myself for a while, provided that turd of a dependant of hers doesn't show up.

Wasted most of the day playing UFO: Enemy unknown (XCOM: UFO Defense in the US). It's one of those old games I'll always return to, like Daggerfall and Might & Magic 6.

Most, but not all. Also did laundry, and cooked a proper dinner. Cleaned the few items left dirty in the kitchen, it looks pretty good now. If I'm not too tired tomorrow, I'll wash the floor. I intend to not just have the kitchen sparkly clean when Harriet-san returns, but in the days before she does too.
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