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I love being alone. These past few days have been good, and it has surprised me several times that when I look in a mirror, I see someone who looks happy.

Today has been good too. Got up at 9:15. Read a chapter, showered, had breakfast, played XCOM a lot. Took out my recyclables, purchased wax for my boots, went for a walk. Changed the bed, did laundry.

I should write my giftmas wishlist..

First off, I love green things. If something comes in green, that's the version I want.

I'll be gone from the 19th to January 6th (flight back on the 5th, arrives here on the 6th), so the people back home can just relax and hold off buying me presents until later.

I love books. During this year, I've picked up my old Forgotten Realms novels, and rediscovered why I love that world. I want The War of the Spider Queen series. Hardcover versions. I think there are five books. They had the last two in hardcover at Avalon last time I checked, and I'm sure I can get the earlier ones off amazon or something.

Gift certificates for bookstores are very welcome.

And I really need a book on slugs. There doesn't seem to exist any in Norwegian.. Although I don't think we have any species in common, I'd be happy with a book on American slugs.

Bedclothes. My mattress is 200x90 cm, duvet is 220x140 cm, pillow is 70x50 cm. I only have two good sets I alternate between, and only one of them is green. All my sheets are worn.

Wool socks. I use shoe size 37 (I think that's 7 in the US? My shoes say US 6 / European 38 on them, though)

Green-tinted sunglasses.

Random or not-so-random computer hardware. Particularly a case designed for silent running, 17" or larger LCD monitors (with USB hub is nice), a harddrive of between 10 and 30 gigabytes. (Secunda can't boot from harddrives 40+ gigs)
A nice USB keyboard (Norwegian only, and not wireless and not that "natural" crap).

An mp3 player. Daisuke is getting old. Doesn't respond correctly to buttons pushed, annoyingly often. Battery "runs out" at the worst moments, particularly when it's cold. I want one of those small, memory-stick ones. If it doubles as an USB memory stick, that's nice, but since I already have two of those, it's not an essential feature. Must use AA or AAA batteries, so I can carry spares. Any size is fine, I tend to listen to the same songs for extended periods of time anyway.

A Nikon D70. >_> (Well, I want one. I know no one's going to get me one, but I can still wish for the impossible.)

I think I have what I need when it comes to Tea and accessories, but a teapot smaller than the one I have today could be nice, if it's green or another nice color. And although I really don't need any more tea mugs, my favorite mug with a lid has developed a crack and will need to be replaced soon. Last I was in the store where I bought it, they didn't have any of its kind anymore.

As for music, be very careful if shopping in Norwegian stores. They have almost nothing but that copy-controlled crap, which is worthless. Any Billy Joel CDs I'm missing would be cool (Already have 52nd Street, Greatest Hits 1-3, The Stranger and that one with the title in Russian. I can't write it. I used to have The Bridge years ago, but I've lost it and I didn't rip mp3s of it! Argh! And the ones I've downloaded have artifacts.)

Oh yeah, and some stuff from - particularly Return to Witchwood. Already have Witchwood and the Safar Timura trilogy.

Other than that, my interest is mainly in Japanese music. The list of what I want is endless.. gift certificate at or yesasia would be awesome.. or surprise me with one of my favorite Game or Anime soundtracks. Or any album by Porno Graffitti, other than the few that were released as copy controlled only (both sites mentioned will let you know - CCCD in title at amazon, note in description at yesasia).

Fragrance oils. I only have ylang, which I do like a lot, but surely there are other fragrances I'd also love. I like scented candles a lot, but I still have a bunch left over from last year.

Chocolate. Particularly Galaxy and Cadbury's Snowflake. I love white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Flavored with mint or orange, or plain. Oooo.. Chocolate oranges! I haven't had those for years, they stopped making them over here. Those were awesome.

Subscription for a magazine or comic I like.


More Adoring Fans for my Legion.

Previously mentioned drawing of trees decorating a human corpse. That would be utterly cool if someone could draw for me.

An US PlayStation2. Planning to buy this for myself while in the States this holiday season, so don't go buy me one without letting me know. Will also need We Love Katamari, and could probably use a few more games. Already have a memory card.

Also need that power-converter thingy so I can use it at home.

A laptop. Old and used is not a problem. I love old computers ( I don't have room enough to adopt more, but a laptop I can manage)

A 256 or 512MB stick of SD-ram, PC133. Smaller denominations aren't of much use to me. Used is fine. (these are really expensive new)

A game for my GBA. I only have Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, (and am currently borrowing Metroid Fusion), it'd be nice to have something else as well.

An apartment of my own, in a cat-friendly neighborhood...

A wristwatch. My previous one broke (or the battery ran out?) years ago and has a crack in the glass. Prefer digital. Stopwatch function desired.

Manga - will write up the list of what I want / am missing later.

I always feel so greedy when I write wishlists. Want, want, want. I don't expect to get anything at all, but if you want to give me something, this list can help you with ideas.

And I intended to include this in my previous entry, but forgot: It really makes my day when I see those of my readers who don't know each other very well socialize in my comments, or elsewhere for that matter.
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