Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

An annoyance. And somewhat depressing introspection.


Excessive use of the -ish suffix. This is a recent annoyance. Ish is not the only way to twist a word to mean "or something like it, anyway." There's also the y (or ly) ending. You say shortly, not "shortlyish." There's no need to say "soonish" because soon has an inherent vagueness to it. What's wrong with "Soon, I think"?

Please. It's not cute, it's ridiculous. And a little nauseating.

I mildly enjoy my mundane life. Without things to entertain me (games, books, anime), I'd probably be miserable.
I feel like I've lost my purpose again. Or, I'm not sure I even found it in the first place. Have been too focused on consuming. Filling my needs. Sustaining my existence. But for what purpose?

Payday tomorrow. Last one before I go. Time to find a cat hotel for Odessa, and I need to renew my travel insurance, and a myriad of other things of lesser importance. Stress. I don't handle it well, but I must bear with it.

I think I miss who I used to be several months back, when I commented more and read my friends of friends page regularly. When I went out and took lots of photos. I'm not even obsessed with tea anymore. There have been days where I haven't had any real tea.

And what do I have to replace what I've discarded?
Tags: everyday boring entry, things that annoy me

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