Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


  • Travel insurance renewed.
  • Booked cat hotel for Odessa. It's going to be expensive, but they said it was fine to pay partially up front and the rest when I pick her up. Could pay the whole sum when I pick her up if I want, but I prefer paying in advance. But I'm not sure I'll have enough to pay it all in one go - maybe.
  • Called my mom, she can drive me out there to deliver her.

Funny happening the other night: I was lying in bed, reading.. Odessa beside me. I decided to read out loud a bit, and Odessa turned around and gave me that "What the heck are you babbling about? I don't understand a word you are saying" look. Of course she doesn't understand. I only talk to her in Norwegian and Japanese, she doesn't know English.

Also noticed that my reading was more fluid and with significantly fewer misreadings or stutterings as compared to when I'm reading for a human audience.

Finished the book today, fulfilling my new year's resolution of "at least one book per calendar month," and just one more, and I'll have met the other goal: to read the entire Harpers series in 2005. I made that goal in the belief that there were twelve books, but I was mistaken. There are sixteen books. But I don't think I'll have any trouble finishing the last book before I travel, it's still some twelve days.

I'm upping my required reading for 2006. While I'd like to read 50 books in a year some time, I don't think next year will be it. But I'll set a goal to read 42 books. However, my main new year's resolution will be this: 2006 is the year I'll move away from this place.
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