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Yay, books.


So I decided to walk into town today. I wasn't sure if I felt quite up to it, but I just started walking, and I reached where I wanted to go before I got incredibly tired.

Avalon still has their lovely sale, but I was told the bad news: They're closing down at new year. I've been a regular customer at that store for nine years if not longer, so I'm a bit sad about it. Sure, we still have Outland (two of them, even) which have pretty much the same items, but.. it won't be Avalon, the place my life began. Okay, my life would probably have begun about the same time even without my favorite fantasy/science-fiction/RPGs/books/comics/other-cool-stuff store, but it would probably have evolved in a completely different direction, and I might not even be here today, or have met any one of you people.

And I won't even be in the country when they close down.

But anyway, they have a sale, and several hardcover books were priced at about half of the going price of a paperback. So I got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, House Corrino (already have House Atreides in HC, need House Harkonnen), and two generic fantasy books that seemed interesting enough to be worth their price. And a cheap paperback generic fantasy. Also picked up the latest two issues of Strangers in Paradise. Going to have to see if Outland offer a similar subscription deal (basically, they hold on to the issues as they arrive and I pick them up whenever I feel like it, and get a 15% discount on top of it).

There were more books I'd have liked to buy, but I have to leave some stuff for people to buy me for giftmas and my birthday in January, right? And I should conserve my funds.

Anyway, I hadn't found what I was looking for, so I headed to Outland at Paléet. They didn't have the book I quested for either. Did however notice several more books I desired, including a hardcover edition of Elminster's Daughter for 120 kroner. Then I went to Outland at Østbanehallen where the price tag on the same book read 199 kroner. Heh. Also noticed there's a sixth book to the War of the Spider Queen series, but it was quite expensive, so it's probably brand new. Books four and five are still available in hardcover, at a much lower price.

But anyway, they did have Liberty's Crusade that darth_blade wanted, so I bought it. Ironically, the most expensive item I've bought today, since everything else I got was heavily discounted.

Used public transportation on my way home, as I was tired, and needed to spend some time reading.
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