Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



Battle Royale 12+
Fushigi Yûgi 3+ (*)
Naruto 6+
Suikoden III 3, 5+
Pita Ten 7+
One Piece (norwegian) 4+
One Piece (english) 2+
Hunter X Hunter 3+
Planetes 2+
Girl Got Game (a.k.a Power!) 1, 3+ (I thought I had 2 and 3, but I can't find 3 anywhere..)

* Fushigi Yuugi exists in both original (right-to-left reading order) and flopped. I want the original version.

Books - Forgotten Realms:

War of the Spider Queen series, hardcover. Books 4 & 5 available at Avalon cheap.
Elminster's Daughter by Ed Greenwood (hardcover) (120 kr at Outland in Paleet, 199 kr at Outland in Østbanehallen)
Many others. May update with list later.

Note that Avalon is closing permanently before I return to Norway. You can probably get a lot of stuff I want cheap between christmas and new year.

More stuff I wish for
Tags: wishlist

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