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I just now remembered parts of the dream I had tonight. It was really vivid at the time, but I only have parts of it now. I was at some sort of summer camp, I think. Lots of people there. I remember asking one of the people in charge if I could take a shower or a bath as I was feeling exceedingly dirty (despite having showered at home the morning of the same day), but was denied because they were out of water or something.

And there was a guy there I was attracted to. But I don't remember anything about him now, save that he was tall and had long hair. I think I decided to not bother to pursue him, since I didn't want a relationship, and one-night-stands are not my thing. No idea if the attraction was mutual.

Anyway, the significant part of the dream: I was somewhere along a long, unpaved road, in the evening. There was a car, but I can't remember if I was hit by it, or if I was in it and crashed into something. I just felt a dull thud and everything went black. I tried waking up, but couldn't. Then I noticed that the status screen was different from the way it always was when I woke up, and I realized with growing horror that I wouldn't be waking up normally.. I was dead. The end. I started wailing in anguish, a long, wordless plea to any deity that might be listening, to undo this horrible mistake. I can't die now. Odessa needs me.

The world was still all dark, but it wasn't as if I was falling or floating in an endless void.. there was still ground under my feet. Slowly the colors returned to the world; dark blues and greens mostly. I was incorporeal, but I couldn't see my body anywhere. I realized that this wasn't "the afterlife" or Oblivion; I was still tied to the world in some way. I needed to find someone who could restore me to life.

Eventually I did find someone who could see me and was capable of raising the dead. But she was a priestess of an evil god, Bane or Cyric (not sure which. yes, I have read too many Forgotten Realms novels lately), and I wasn't so sure if I wanted to owe my life to that. I really wanted to be alive again, but I backed out of the deal at the last moment, choosing to wander the world as a ghost rather than entering the service of Evil.

And that's all I remember.

I've been playing Metroid Fusion a lot too.. Tried over a dozen times and still can't beat the mechanical spider boss. Twice I got so far as to get it to its final form, being perhaps just one missile hit away from finishing it off, but I seemingly just can't beat it. In frustration, I started over, and with the help of a walkthrough am making sure I get all the powerups possible. If I have just a little more health as I enter the battle, I can win.
It would also be nice to own the game, instead of borrowing it from my Aniki, because I'm only allowed one of the three save slots. I'd have preferred to start a new game on a different save, but I'm certain that I'll be able to get back to the point I was at.

I got up at 8 this morning! Still, it took me two hours before I had showered, and another hour before I had eaten breakfast.. I'm not terribly impressed by myself.
Tags: games, weird dreams

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