Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

cellphone woes.


  Game progress: Already passed the point I was stuck at, and am now struggling against Nightmare. It's pretty hard to avoid being hit, especially during the second phase when he controls gravity, and although I have now learned how to get through that, I expire during the third phase, after getting in several hits. If only I had more energy, but I think I already have them most I can at this point. I guess I'll eventually learn to maneuver better and avoid being hit so often, with time.

  Life progress: Waterproofed my boots yesterday.

  And I've also been sorting through way too many midi files. I regret that I couldn't afford to get a more advanced phone that takes memory sticks/cards, and only have a supposed 12 MB of memory, of parts are taken up by stuff I'm not allowed to delete. I just have to remind myself that it's a phone, not a jukebox.

  I see the point in having one theme that can't be deleted (but why couldn't it have been the smallest one?), but seriously.. I wouldn't be caught dead using one of the default ringtones. Does anyone know how to hack a Sony-Ericsson K300i? Oh, and if there's a way to remove the ridiculous sound when it uses the camera, that'd be nice too. According to the manual, it can't be disabled because it's illegal in some countries to not have a sound when using a cameraphone, but it doesn't tell me which ones, and my aniki's Sony-Ericsson phone lets you turn the sound off, and it's not that much older than mine.

  Also, the messages folder claims to be taking up over 200 k, when its contents add up to less than a hundred. What's up with that?

  I also discovered profiles - each of them other than the default had those ringtones I want to delete assigned - so I set each of them to something else, hoping that would unlock the files so I could delete them, but when I got to the last profile, it simply wouldn't let me change the ringtone.
  It's supposed to be my phone, not some corporation's.

  Also need to figure out how to make my own theme, so stuff can be green.
Tags: games, things that annoy me

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