Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Unmercifully, the saga continues.


As evidenced by the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, my landlady has not been around for a while, and isn't expected back anytime soon. Have not yet met the vile one face to face, but have heard him in the house and seen him get into a car that was waiting, as I have many times before.

Not just the kitchen; the bathroom was a mess as well. Have removed all items that were not mine and placed them in a plastic bag outside the room, and have cleaned the shower cabinet because it was just too gross. It was pretty bad when I left, and has obviously not been cleaned in my absence, which means.. four months? Almost five?

In other news...
Odessa returned to normal rather soon, and is more affectionate than usual. She is clearly happy that I returned and took her back home. I wonder how she'll handle a move. She will probably adjust, because home is where I am, but it wouldn't surprise me if she wandered back here once or twice.

I updated the firmware for my Lite-on DVD burner, and it now recognize those Verbatim 16x discs for what they are and will let me burn at 8x (my burner's max speed) and not just the 4x of before. I got this message when I was done:

Game progress, some. Mostly Metroid/Zero Mission, some Eye of the Beholder..
Reading, still on the first book of the year, but near the end and I'm enjoying it very much. Would finish tonight if I was less tired.

Today I went to CC Vest, mostly to shop for groceries at Ultra, and I am happy I decided to go that far out of my way, because I discovered they carry my favorite toothpaste. Yes, the one I once went to eight stores in one day to look for. No longer will I fear the imminent end of my current tube.

But apparently it is impossible to buy ziplock bags in Norway. Just like last year, I find myself thinking "damn, I should have brought some back home" after returning from the United States.

Other than the ziplock bags, I found everything I was looking for, and the only unplanned purchases were fruit (physalis) and fruit juice (guava).

I didn't walk because it wasn't sure I'd reach the mall in time if I did (closes at 18 on saturdays), so I took the bus. Left the mall mere minutes before it closed. Encumbered, cold and in the need of fresh unmentionables, I decided to take the bus home as well. And it was dark, which would add to my chance of being invisible and hit by a car.

Decided to remove a few more communities. Goodbye fanficrants, you were fun to read but too high-volume, and after a long time of reading, there's little new. Goodbye chuunin, you have too many n00bs and idiotic posts, and only a few really informative posts. Maybe I'll join some other Naruto community if I get back into the series; as for now, I don't care much about it.
Keeping mock_the_stupid because it's too much fun.
Debating whether to remove metaquotes or not. If not for metaquotes, I'd have missed out on a lot of fun.. keeping it for now.

Deleting a couple of feeds.

Odessa just jumped up on my lap and tried to kiss me. I would think the taste of the lip balm I used hours ago would've disappeared by now.. she's attracted to Fisherman's Friend-smell? o_O

And Semagic just popped up with a birthday reminder, which means it's midnight, and I should probably attempt to sleep soon. Am still not used to my native time zone.

::goes to play Daggerfall for a bit instead::
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