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So yeah, I haven't posted anything for almost a week. It's not a ploy to see if I get any nudges once I pass the one-week mark, I have simply found it either too hard to put to words, or there has been no time to write.

Part of this will be filtered to my support group, but don't worry if you don't see it and think you should - it's going to take a while to write, so it probably won't be posted today. Maybe not even tomorrow.

So, this Friday the 13th was my birthday. I'm not surprised at how this was not mentioned at all on LJ, since I removed the date from my profile a long time ago, and those LJ birthday reminders are really convenient, aren't they?
It would still have been nice to have someone say "happy birthday" to me on LJ. At least it would've been better than what I did get - SMS birthday greetings. Blargh.
The one from my Aniki was nice. The one from my sister was okay. My dad used some kind of free service that tags on "you get a Nokia <modelnumber> for 1,- at <website>" at the end. That's tacky, dad, sending me spam on my birthday because you're too cheap to pay a few pennies to send a real SMS.

Sigmund and my mother visited me, after calling the night ahead and finding out that I was miserable and scared and couldn't stand to be in the same house as the vile one. Heck, mom even offered to drive down here and get me that same night, but I decided against taking her up on that offer because I didn't want to leave Odessa alone here, and she probably didn't want to come along.

So Sigmund stayed here most of the weekend, and we had a great time together. Caught up on watching House and Bleach, watched several episodes of Karin and Hell Girl as well. Ate chocolates, drank the bottle of IBC Cream Soda, made a nice dinner, drank tea and talked a lot too, of course.. He borrowed Eye of the Beholder (GBA version) from me, since I had finished the game a couple of nights earlier.

And we tried out that variety pack of toothpaste I picked up while in Florida. I think we both agreed that Cinnamon Rush was the best taste, but the other three were still far superior to what we're used to. It was really comical, saying "Let's go brush our teeth" with the same enthusiasm we'd normally reserve for ice cream.

Today I found out that the power adapter for my PS2 can be used here -  I just needed a regular norwegian power cord to plug into it instead of the US one that came with the console. Awesome. According to the clerk at Spiderman (our games & import games store), Sony quickly stopped making that kind when they realized they were making it easy for people like me. I just got lucky and got one of the consoles with the compatible power adapters. Whee. Good things do happen to me. Sometimes.

Also got some money for my birthday, might buy We Love Katamari at Spiderman. It's 399 kroner, which google tells me is almost exactly 60 USD. And here, that's considered a good price for a somewhat new game. See what I have to put up with? (granted, import games are more expensive than the domestic versions, but they had both PAL and NTSC versions of Suikoden IV, and the price difference was only 50 kroner)

Game progress: I keep losing against Mother Brain in Metroid Zero Mission. Will leave the game alone for a while and try again some other time. Improved a few scores in Katamari Damacy, got a royal present or two. Still many to go.
Also played One Piece Grand Battle a bit. I win and lose with about equal frequency on Easy. -_-'
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