Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Getting my PS2 operational has not been conductive to productivity


Haven't had any all-night gaming binges, but every now and then I'll sit down and roll a few katamari, or play some other game. And since it doubles as a region 1 DVD player, I've finally watched Blood: The Last Vampire, which maully gave me as a gift years ago. Although it seemed to have two audio tracks and two sets of subtitles, they all seemed to be the same, which was just weird. I kind of like the idea of a bilingual movie, but it annoyed me that the subtitles only translated the japanese dialogue. I would have thought that one of the subtitle sets would've been English for the hearing impaired, but apparently not.  Some of the English voices sounded so unnatural, as if spoken by someone who aren't very good at english and were just reading it. No emotion.

It gets huge bonuses for the use of a shovel as a weapon, though. I love shovel wielders.

I'm getting tired of looking for an apartment. Too expensive, too small, too far away, too close to downtown, shared kitchens and bathrooms, no pets allowed.. there's always something. If only I had a larger network of local friends, I might find someone I get along with who is also looking to move, and we could share the expenses of renting an apartment.
Tags: anime, games, quest for new residence, woe

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