Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



What was that quote again.. "If you haven't been rejected four times this week, you aren't trying"?
Anyway, today I got my third rejection because I have a cat. Answered a fourth ad for an apartment just now, and I'm fully expecting to be rejected again.

I expect to get a lot of rejections when I look for a therapist, too, due to lack of capacity.

And when I apply for jobs, because there are better qualified applicants.

Some days I just want to ignore it all and play video games instead. Spent several hours playing Daggerfall today, and ditto for We Love Katamari. I didn't totally neglect my duties, but I could have done better. But who cares about that? I rolled up the sun!
Tags: quest for new residence, woe, 塊魂

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