Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I was NOT prepared for that!


Got to the hospital, was shown to my room, given a form to fill out, and told to remove my upper body clothes (that is, to take off anything I didn't want to sleep in) and put on a shirt. So there I am, with my least favorite body parts completely surrendered to gravity, dangling freely under my too-large shirt. I'm quite uncomfortable as I sit down in the waiting room, there are about half a dozen other people there. Two women; one middle aged, one morbidly obese. Some of the guys look like they could be pregnant as well, although not with a litter. One of them sounded like he was snoring even when awake. I was clearly the youngest person there.

Stuff is explained, and part of me just want to grab my stuff and bolt, escaping from the hospital like in It Came From the Desert, but I remind myself that they aren't in any way involved with giant ants taking over the world, and decide that I will go through with this - after all, I've paid a lot of money to take the bus all the way out to this desolate area. The bus is only every other hour; this time I am lucky and barely have to wait. The last time I had to wait an hour and a half.

After waiting for almost an hour in the lounge, it's finally my turn, and I get something I think was called an oxymeter attached to my left ring finger, because my pinky was too small. I get a pouch around my neck to hold the devices. Then came the probe.

They stuck a probe into my nose and all the way down to my throat!

And it was every bit as uncomfortable as that sounds. Granted, it didn't really hurt much (some numbing agent was applied), but it was creepy and horrible, just horrible. You aren't supposed to stick things in there. And they said it was kind of like having a fishbone in one's throat. Yeah, after 4-5 hours when it was finally time to sleep, I had gotten used to it to the point where it wasn't so bad. It hurt every time I swallowed.

I also missed having access to the internet incredibly much. I had a good book with me, so it's not like I was bored, but I felt utterly disconnected from the people I care about.

Oh yeah, and I got an SMS message from the owner of the apartment I looked at the other day. I didn't get it. Back to reading ads and getting rejected multiple times just because I have a cat.

Sleeping with stuff on me was uncomfortable. I woke up multiple times during the night. I don't know how many, maybe five or so. More than usual. So at least they should have lots of valuable data.

Then it was up at 5:30. Told to be outside in five minutes. Putting my pants on and going out in the hallway. One by one we're called in to get the equipment removed. The probe was the last thing to go. It didn't hurt at all to remove it, but why couldn't they have taken it off first? I wasn't in any hurry to get rid of the finger thing. Anyway.. Most people just left, but some of us sat around for about an hour so we could have breakfast. After all I had gone through, and before the almost two hour long journey home, I wanted some sustenance. Down to the cafeteria to a fair breakfast with lousy tea substitute. I kept thinking that those packs of two slices of cheese was an obscene waste of packaging, but I could see how it'd be needed in a place where many eat. I certainly don't want others fondling my cheese. I was the only one to take the lettuce leaves that lay underneath all the other stuff, as if it was merely decoration.

Done eating, I went out to check the bus times. Lucky, I only had half an hour to wait. It's very cold, so I go back inside and spend the waiting time chatting with the fat lady, who is waiting for her taxi. I find out that she's only in a wheelchair because she broke her ankle in December. Felt bad for thinking that she was just too heavy to walk around, and happy for her that such was not the case.

The dawn carries just a hint of glory; the molten gold ball soon morphs into the more familiar Daystar. The scenery is pretty. I read more. Think about playing FFT again. Maybe do something useful around the house as well.

Off the bus and onto the subway. Crowded, but I'm lucky to score a single seat (this particular model of a train car has single seats at the sides and double seats in the middle). Next stop, lots of loud, seemingly teenaged humans get on. Daisuke's battery goes out. Woe. Were I not so tired, I'd have walked home instead, it was nearly unbearable. Thankfully, about half the passengers got off at Majorstuen. The rest of the trip was nice and peaceful.

Home, my room is of course cold, as I left the hatch unlocked so Odessa could go in to eat and sleep if she wanted. She's there to greet me, but pretends to not even have noticed I wasn't in my bed tonight. Almost immediately she wants to go out again. Temperature has recovered about eight degrees since then, maybe in another couple of hours I won't need to wear a long-sleeved sweater on top of my normal t-shirt.
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