Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Didn't do much today.


Watched some anime, tidied up my room a little, played one or two battles in FFT, deleted lots of crap, but mainly clusters of many small files, so it's not like I recovered a lot of HD space. Didn't have a proper dinner, subsisting entirely on sandwiches.

I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep normally, so I'm taking my hallucination-inducing sleeping drug tonight. Not that I have anything I absolutely must do tomorrow, but I want to accomplish a few things while there is still daylight, and watch a zombie movie or two after dark. To cook a proper dinner, and to work more on cleaning my room. I don't feel up to aiming for loftier goals.

Oh yeah.. Yesterday, Sigmund, Aniki and I visited our grandmother in the hospital. It was mostly cool. A bit awkward; I haven't seen her for years. We both remembered when the last time was. I know Aniki has always been her favorite. I was sort of prepared for that, so I wasn't very hurt when she said to him that "it was nice of you [singular] to visit."
At least I didn't feel like I was ranked clearly below Sigmund in popularity.
Anyway, we talked, and it does feel like the chasm isn't quite as wide anymore. We're probably going to visit her again soon, after our dad gets back. He's in some Asian country or another.. I can never keep track of him.
Tags: everyday boring entry, family

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