Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

I'm on a streak of a post a day, so I might as well continue.


Another mundane day. Didn't go out at all. Didn't do anything useful. Read a couple of chapters, watched two zombie movies. Fish for dinner. The only remarkable thing about today is that I didn't wake up for no apparent reason tonight; I only woke up around three when Odessa cried to be let out. And again half an hour later when she wanted back in, but I don't think I was asleep again at that point. And around seven when she wanted to go out again, after which I got maybe a few minutes of sleep before my alarm bugged me.

Harriet left today, bound for Bergen. She's supposed to come back on Tuesday or so. Answered another apartment ad, rejected. Answered one more, no answer yet. It's pretty close to here, nice size, the rent is 900 kroner more per month than this place, although it didn't say anything about electricity, so that might be an additional expense. It sounded good, but there were no photos posted. Probably not going to get it because I have a cat, though.

Talked with my dad over MSN. He's planning to visit his mother tomorrow, and he can probably help me out with some money for when I move, and there's no hurry to pay him back. Although I kind of want to save up and pay for everything myself, if it'll save me from several months of this madness, I'd gladly put myself in debt.
Tags: everyday boring entry, quest for new residence

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