Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Aw, broke my posting streak.


Almost a week.

So, yesterday, I made cookies. (oatmeal and raisin)
That's about it. I also played Daggerfall for a while.. Completed the first quest Medora Direnni gives you. Now I'll just have to wait for her to contact me telepathically to continue the main plot.. may need to level up once first, dunno.. Already level 16, so I probably only have a couple of levelups to look forward to. Whoever said Healers are the weakest class in the game were wrong. They probably never played one beyond the starting dungeon.

No plans for today other than to not eat *all* the cookies.
Finished reading Captains Outrageous last night. Lovely book.
Tags: daggerfall, everyday boring entry, reading

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