Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Changed bittorrent client from BitTornado to utorrent a few days ago. So far, I like it quite a lot - everything is running in a single process, and it has a lot more info. CPU and RAM usage is way lower than BitTornado.

The torrent of DOOM! is still not moving - how many weeks has it been at 99.7% complete now? Utorrent says 99.8%, so it must be rounding up where BitTornado is rounding down, because I haven't downloaded a single byte since switching over. Have uploaded five gigs.

Apparently Odessa has started using the litterbox again. I've just left it outside on my balcony, not having any better place to put it.. and it's been used, multiple times. Maybe she prefers kitty litter over snow?
Payday tomorrow, so I can buy a sack of litter and clean out that thing. I wonder where the closest pet supply store is. I don't feel like lugging a 20kg sack across town on foot.

When I got up this morning, it was with the thought that today, I'd do little else than play video games. Well, I've played Daggerfall a bit -- nothing important happening. The game has locked up the function of switching hands and I now can't use my weapon, just my empty off-hand. Which really sucked when I was assaulted by two Overlords in the middle of the night. They have tons of hitpoints, and hand-to-hand doesn't do much damage at my mediocre skill level. Maybe if I save and re-load my game.. or maybe I need to reboot. Ao-chan is getting uptime that few Windows95-boxes can even dream of.
Walking around with a Spell Reflection on is awesome. Over half of the Vampire Ancients I encounter have their attempt at paralysis reflected back on them, and I can just walk around to the other side of them and train my backstabbing skill. Now, what other spell effects have I never truly experimented with? I suppose a custom Spell Absorption could be more effective than the innate ability of Sorcerers, or the item effect on many of my magical items.

And there's like one or two people who read this who care about Daggerfall.  I apologize for boring you guys, but my life has been pretty boring recently, and I have little else to write about.
Tags: daggerfall, everyday boring entry, odessa

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