Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

That was quite the ordeal.


It's just past noon, I'm lying in my bed (for lack of a comfortable chair), reading. I get up and go over to Lorelai, my nearly-five-years-old computer, to put some music on, and notice she's frozen. The clock isn't moving; seemed to have happened about ten minutes ago.

After determining that my current session can't be salvaged in any way, I reluctantly power down, and open the case to blow out the massive amounts of dust that I promised myself I'd deal with at my next downtime.

I put her back together, and she freezes during boot-up. Again, at a different point. Again. Again. I once got so far as to enter my password, then it froze.

After a while, I notice that if I unplug stuff, it'll start up without freezing, but as soon as I plug in the ethernet cable, it freezes. Lengthy troubleshooting involving the use of Secunda confirms that the NIC is the issue. I grab Secunda's NIC, which seems to have been Lorelai's before, as Windows XP doesn't ask me to activate this time. There was also some issues with the sound, but it's all well and good now. All I lost was time and a NIC.

Since I needed it, I indulged in some retail therapy. Ordered a new HD, because I need to reinstall the OS anyway, so I might as well do it on a larger drive. Matsuri will inherit the 120GB drive.

With my luck, I probably won't receive it before the weekend. It's going to take days to install all my favorite programs and tweak things the way I like.
Tags: misery

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