November 4th, 2004


scary foodstuff

As I left work today, it was with a desire for tofu. So I headed towards Asia Supermarket (aka Noodle Heaven).. they were out of the cheap kind of tofu that I've tried before, so I took that as a convenient excuse to buy the other, more expensive kind instead. Now that I've tried it, I'm going to have to say I like the cheaper one better.

But the tofu wasn't the scary part. As I checked out the tea aisle for interesting stuff, I came across this.. "Balsam Pear Tea".. whatever that is. I started reading the back of the package and had to fight to keep my laughter low.

The package states (lack of punctuation and spaces reproduced verbatim):

"This product belongs to pure natural green healthy drink product refinedly made from the wild bitter gourd on the deep mountains of Viet Nam according to the secret prescription handed down in the family from generation to generation with the modern high new scientific technology.It has the special purenatural quality.Its soup is golden yellow.It isfragrant,mellow and delicious.It can give oneself a lift.It has the function of whetting the appetite.
Bitter gourd can promote the secretion of saliva,do good to the gall bladder and liver,dispel fever and poison,speed the catabolism of cholesterol,regulatethe body's physiological action,improve the looks,promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach,reduce the blood sugar and blood fat,etc.It has the special functions to treat the pharyngitis,the hoarse voice,the acne,the dim sore,the constipation, the diabetes,the kidney stone,or those who smoke or drink too much It is good for you to use it to prevent the cardiovascular diseases,improve the looks,and prevent from getting senile.
Ingredients:wild bitter gourd,tea and so on.
Usage:Pour the boiling water on the tea.Wait one or two minutes and then it is ready.About 2 to 3 g each time.More or less as you like to."

I'm scared to try this stuff. I just bought it so I could share this with you guys. <_<

I also got a new tea mug somewhat cheap, and several cans of coconut milk, as I found myself out of it the other day. Once again forgot to buy ginger candy, but I haven't really eaten much of that since the last time I got some.

Now I have a headache (ha! that's something the miracle tea can't help me with!) and want to sleep.. but it's way too early. Time to grab some tea I know won't mess with my body too much and watch anime. ^_^

Edited March 12th, 2005: Now that I have a digital camera, here are pictures. (warning: huge)
the stuff itself (not huge)