November 5th, 2004

Rock Lee - 愛!

Friday. Just a little longer. Bear with it.

So I sat here catching up on LJ and doing nothing useful for an hour.
Then I took a shower.
Methinks I need to set an earlier bedtime for myself.

Watched three episodes of Inuyasha last night, 39 to go.

Breakfast and tea has been consumed, time to go.

I'll leave you with some song lyrics.
Collapse )
The lyrics alone doesn't do it justice.. you need to hear this song. For those inclined to acquire it legally, it's on the album "Neck'n neck" - but good luck finding it. It's over a decade old and was as far as I know not released outside Norway (all the songs are in english though).
I hate how old music can be impossible to buy. I was lucky to find this album while on vacation one summer.