November 19th, 2004

Sakura - Strength and Beauty

because I don't really have anything to write, a meme.

(as usual, ganked from someone on my friends of friends page)

-My journal is called _____ because _____.
-My subtitle is _____ because _____.
-My friends page is called _____ because _____.
-My username is ____ because _____.
-My default userpic is _____ because _____.

-My journal is called 今も、この世界が綺麗 ~ metamorphosis because I am currently in a phase in my life where a lot of changes are occurring. Previous title was "今も、この世界が綺麗 ~ Fangirl Overdrive", before that it was just "今も、この世界が綺麗".. and prior to that, well, I don't really remember. Just that it was nothing that had any particular depth. "Ima mo, kono sekai ga kirei" is a phrase that I spoke in a dream. In the dream, I was in a kind of hopeless situation, but I was still overwhelmed by the world's beauty. And it's been my motto ever since.

-My subtitle is "even now, this world is beautiful" because some people might need a translation.

-My friends page is called iki's friends and stalked ones because the same title is applied to my friends of friends page. And by "stalk" I mean nothing more than obsessively read all their entries. To anyone I find myself drawn to/intrigued by (all the people on my friends page and several on my FoF page), I would much rather be a friend than a stalker.

-My username is Kriatyrr because I like using the same nick in various places, and as the name is an original, I don't have the issue of finding it's already registered wherever I go.

-My default userpic is "Haruno Sakura - Strength and Beauty" because I am very intrigued by duality. It's also the one of my self-made icons that I am the most happy with.
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Self greenhair

Eeek. Spider!

So I was just sitting here, working on kitty hat attempt #1, when I see a spider walking along my arm. I don't scream, and successfully suppress the instinct to flinch. I sit there, holding my breath, watching a scary-looking spider walk across my hand.
Once it moved off my hand and back onto my sleeve, I got it to get onto something else and carried it outside.
What I want to know is where the heck it came from. Sometimes I suspect there's a spider spawn point in my room somewhere.

Looks like kitty hat attempt #1 is going to be a failure. But it's still a valuable experience, as I am capable of learning from my mistakes.

Now to devote more time to catching up on anime.. long post that I wrote at work but didn't finish will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning, most likely.

Oh yeah, and schedule change: Shopping trip of DOOM! to Sweden will be tomorrow instead of on Sunday.
So I had better finish that entry tonight, as we are leaving around 11 tomorrow morning, and I'll be gone all day.
Shino - "I put a female bug on you"

Stray thoughts, and a welcome aboard to new friends.

The obsession with being rated, finding the approval of people who are essentially strangers.. It's hard to understand.

This was (and probably still is for all I know) prevalent on the Current Events board on GameFAQs. Every day you'd see at least a couple "post here and I'll rate you" or variations thereof. What makes people so desperately want to receive replies in their topic?

"Rate my winamp playlist", "rate my desktop", and so on..
We're looking for someone to relate to, aren't we? We're looking for that one person to say "Yeah, I like band x too".

We're looking for confirmation that our voice is heard. Because being alone, isolated, is the worst thing we can imagine.

When my 'net connection goes down, I fight back a wave of panic and calmly, methodically troubleshoot the situation, locating the cause and trying to figure out what needs to be done to restore my beloved broadband. If it's something outside of my power to fix, I just sit there and cry. (then I remember that I have lots of unwatched anime on my HD and get to it)

I don't know when or why this change occurred in me. When I was a kid, I was quite content being alone. But now, being alone.. I can't handle it. If I didn't have my cat, I'd surely go insane. And sleep better at night, never being woken up at 5 AM.

What is it that pulls us together, that makes us want to be friends, when our geographic locations are scattered across the globe?
For most recent additions to my friendslist, it's the fandom. I recognize my need to have someone to relate to, to obsess together over our favorite characters, discuss the deeper meaning of words and events in a fictional world.

Then there are people that interest me when we barely have a common interests at all. We can relate to each other as fellow human beings.

So anyway, here's Collapse )

And now this goes into my Memories so I can look at it a year from now and see how many of you are still here.