November 26th, 2004

Self greenhair


Going to the dentist in a short while.. as if that wasn't bad enough, it's snowing.

Don't want to go - it'll be uncomfortable, probably painful too. It's expensive.

Mou.. I guess it's all part of being adult.
Self greenhair

LJ junkie, that's what I am.

Dentist appointment went well. I just sprawled across the comfortable chair, mouth open and eyes closed, reciting the lyrics to Life is like a Boat in my head, thinking about how nice it was to see certain favorite characters of mine in the latest Naruto episode, and about how I was going to post about the experience on LJ when I got back. ^_^"

Anyway, yay for anesthesia and my ability to space out. It was over with reasonably quick - and now I have a very funny sensation in the lower half of my face.

It cost less than the estimate I got last time - I got a discount for having a low income. Yay! (still not cheap, but I feel like buying something nice with the money I saved)

And so, my weekend begins. ^_^
女暗部 - Kesshin

. . .New chapter in the chronicles of the annoying housemate.

Just for reference, at 1 AM last night, he was whistling at me, which I ignored, until he called out "Hey Ragnhild, open the door".. I let him in. I was up late, was just about to go to bed, so no big deal. But if I had gone to bed earlier like I usually do, and been woken up.. I'd be angry.

Not answering when he whistles is important to me - last year, he'd forget his keys frequently, and would often get my attention that way, and I'd rush downstairs to let him in - no big deal, I thought. Wrong. It occurred to me just what he had been doing to me when I heard a whistle and instinctively reacted - only to realize it was someone whistling for their dog on the street outside. And it pissed me off.

More background info: You can't really hear the doorbell in my room, especially not if music (not particularly loud even) is on, or the door to the rest of the house is closed.

There was some noise outside my room - more than Odessa would make even if she had caught something big, but I was typing something, so I didn't get up from my seat right away to check it out. But when I heard it again, I went over to check it out.. Just to get the shock of my life as Jan kicked in the cover to the ventilation thing right beside my door. He broke it, the bastard, and now my room is going to be freezing until it gets fixed.

And he yelled at me for ignoring him, saying he had rung the doorbell four times. I shouldn't have unlocked the door. I should have just removed the key so he couldn't, but the thought didn't occur to me at the time. Maybe he'd have gotten pissed off and busted my door in, it's not very thick.

I calmly told him that I can't hear the doorbell in my room normally.

And I felt my privacy was invaded as he strode through my room. Okay, so I didn't exactly have dirty underwear strewn around, but my room is a mess. And what if I had been watching porn and masturbating or something? Granted, he'd probably be more embarrassed than me, I'd just see it as a good excuse to get mad at him..

Well, I am really angry at him. Ever heard of throwing snowballs at someone's window, dipshit? Climbing up to their balcony and kicking in the ventilation cover so you can reach for the key and unlock it because you are too damn stupid to figure out if someone's in the room to unlock the door is just.. RUDE.

I was seriously scared too, for like two seconds, until I recognized who it was. Then I was just incredibly angry.

He said he'd fix it. Here's starting to count the days.. which will most likely turn into weeks, if not months.
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I hadn't seen my beloved kitty since I left for the dentist this morning - she had refused to go out into the cold. Okay, I can make an exception, I thought. I usually make her leave the house when I do, but I wasn't going to be gone for very long.

I didn't see her after I got back - until just now, when I was starting to get worried about her. Walked around the house, calling for her, knowing she'd answer me if she was in trouble.

She was stuck under the bathtub in my landlady's bathroom. Apparently she had been there for quite a while; she had peed under there. She wouldn't come out for several minutes, too embarrassed I suppose. I finally managed to coax her into coming out, saw that her belly fur was moist in places.. ick. I picked her up none too gently and put her down outside the front door. Poor kitty, she thought I had thrown her out or that I was mad at her.

Due to the near non-existent water pressure in the shower in my landlady's bathroom, I wasn't able to clean out the noxious liquid - but I diluted it at least.

Jan doesn't know about this incident yet. Jan sleeps in the master bedroom, which is adjacent to the now catpiss-infested bathroom, while his mother is away (and she won't be back until after giftmas).

I love my kitty.

But meh.. she's too shy to come inside now.. poked her head in and disappeared again. I reassured her I wasn't mad or anything.. I hope she just wants to finish cleaning herself before she comes back inside.