November 29th, 2004

Sakura - Strength and Beauty

what I hate about mornings is getting out of bed.

I'm taking this song off my list of songs for banshee to choose randomly from. Why?

It's a good song.. Not bad at all to wake up to.

But it annoyed me beyond belief, because the opening lyrics are "you can now dream" and I was all "NO I CAN'T! Wanna sleep more!"

So, uh, good morning, people.
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    Tackey & Tsubasa - [Best of Inuyasha II #01] One Day, One Dream
Sakura - Strength and Beauty

My life isn't all boredom.. far from it.

I was hit by a car on my way to work today.

I hadn't gotten far when at a pedestrian crossing, a car just ran into me. It had stopped, then when I was in the middle of the road, it suddenly accelerated and hit me. I was quite scared, as all I could think was "That's no accident"
The car stopped just as it had hit me, and I scrambled out of the way in case he wanted to hit me again. But he stopped, and the driver exited the car. I think I heard him ask me if I was okay over the sound of Utada Hikaru's Uso mitai na I love you playing on Daisuke. I just glanced at him briefly and ascertained that he was male, not big and scary, and not actually trying to kill me. Then I had an Orihime moment and just wandered off.

I suppose I must have been invisible again. There's no way he wouldn't have seen a normal person.

A few minutes later, I realized I was no longer wearing my (unfinished) kitty hat. I backtracked my route to the scene of the incident, but couldn't find it. It's really two sizes too large for me, I had intended to fix that but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I hope a kid with a really big head finds it. ^_^;

so, damage report:
  • Kitty hat missing
  • pants dirtied
  • the pear I had in my jacket's pocket partially crushed to a pulp, and my head band soaked with pear juice due to this.

I do believe this was my first time being hit by a car..

I'm ready to go to Florida now.