December 5th, 2004

Self greenhair

holiday wishlist meme

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(edit: striked out items I now have)

[01] A digital camera. Although I want a good one, I haven't owned a camera since I was like 12, a less-than-great camera is okay to use until I can save up enough to buy a good one myself.
[02] Socks. Seriously, I miss the time I used to get socks for giftmas. I need socks, both thick and thin. My shoe size is 37 european, size 7 american. Home knitted is an extra bonus.
[03] Ninja in a can
[04] TV-B-Gone, european version.
[05] Personalized LJ icons. I'll be buying extra icon space soon. Shizune/ANBU lady/Hayate/other special jounin, Zoro, dendrophilia, Rukia, anything you think I'd like.
[06] Gift art. Ninja, trees, ninja in trees, yaoi, other stuff I'll probably like.
[07] Books. I love books, particularly hardcover ones. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The DaVinci Code are on my want list, but I'll be happy with any book you've read and think I'd enjoy.
[08] Music CDs. Anything with Morten Abel or The September When (except their first, self-titled album, which I already have), J-pop/J-rock, anime/video game soundtracks (Katamari Damacy soundtrack particularly wanted), Straylight Run, Bjørn Lynne (already have Witchwood and the Timura trilogy, particularly want Return to Witchwood), Billy Joel's "The Bridge" (which I lost years ago)
[09] a new vibrator, preferably green. (Current one is somewhat worn)
[10] Hugs.

my wishlist is here
my wishlist is here

My contact information is here (filtered)

I won't be at home for giftmas as I'll be in Florida, I'll be back on January the 12th - the day before my twenty-fifth birthday. (Leaving home on the 20th, but will check in once in a while during my vacation)

If you aren't authorized to view my address and want to send me a card or whatever, email me for it.

By the way, did anyone save the link to the master list/community of this thing? I'd like to look at random people's lists and see if there's anything I can do.