December 18th, 2004


I have a plan!

Jeez, I can't believe I was so nervous about that.. It was easy.

Just called Sandefjord motor hotel and reserved a room. So now I have the train ticket for getting to Sandefjord, a place to sleep, everything is set.

Will be taking the train out to my family tonight with the cat, staying the night and hitching a ride back to Oslo with my mom tomorrow. Assuming Odessa returns soon.. she went out a couple of hours ago.

Still need to make a list of all the things to bring on my vacation, and pack them.

So the stress isn't over yet.. but the worst is behind me.

I'd also like to mention that Sencha is a pretty good tea. ^_^
Ah yes, and I was thoroughly amused on my way to work yesterday.. the weather has been really mild here recently, resulting in almost all our snow melting.. and the grass is still green. Greenness in mid-december.. not something you see every year. ^_^

Green things just.. cheer me up.
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And of course Odessa has to sabotage my plans.

She still hasn't returned, and since the train to Årnes only runs every other hour on saturdays.. I'll be at least two hours delayed. So I have to spend the night there whether I want to or not. Good thing that I sort of wanted to. The more time Odessa spends there together with me, the better it'll be for her. She hasn't been to my mom's new place before.

I need to make a playlist for my journey. As I've had Daisuke for a while, his battery has surely deteriorated to the point where it doesn't last quite the fourteen hours the box claims it will, but I reckon I'll have at least ten hours. Suggestions are appreciated.

brief update

ugh, web update form - I can't really justify downloading a client to this crappy IBM Aptiva Antique my mom has. Especially since this abomination runs windows 98.

Anyway, found Odessa, grabbed her and my stuff, caught the train and arrived at Årnes a bit after eight this evening. She cried the whole way, loudly. Lots of people thought she was cute, but this did not seem to concern her. So anyway, my mom picked me up at the station, got to her house, where the cat decided to disappear. It took quite some time to find her, but I eventually did.

Then she went exploring. She seems more at ease now. It's quite late and I am tired, so I'll be heading to bed in a moment. Then back to Oslo to furious packing tomorrow.
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