December 20th, 2004

Rock Lee - 愛!

I'm on gooooogle! XD

Tenth hit (at least at my settings) if one searches for "naruto character list". First page! yay! That explains where all those hits came from. And, heh, I'm #1 for "extremely minor naruto characters" of course. (ditto for "minor naruto characters") ^___^

My favorite part of the stats are the search keywords. The past two or three months I've had just one keyword, and before that, zero.. but now it shows the top 20 of 32. I wonder what the rest of the searches were.. Nothing weird yet, mostly "(character) seiyuu" and such. One "konoha history" and "info of kin tsuchi from naruto".. which really shouldn't have resulted in my site as I have nothing on her yet.

This makes me all inspired to work on the site again.. and I did for a bit, but ANN seems to be down at the moment so I can't confirm stuff, ergo no update yet. But I put in some work, and I'll be taking my work-in-progress with me, there will most likely be some updates while I'm on vacation.

Another "hey, cool!" moment: People can download off my FTP at around 50kb/sec, as opposed to the ~30kb/sec that seemed to be the normal maximum when I DCC send. (I've been able to dcc at 50+ to other norwegians, though).

Not making much progress with my playlist making.

I should sleep.. but as always, I can't when I'm about to embark on a long journey. ::sigh::
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Found while browsing suggestions

add ?show=P to your friends or friendsfriends url to show only personal journals. ?show=C for communities and ?show=Y for syndicated feeds. Awesome.

Finally, sanity is restored to my friends of friends page.

and this stuff is old - lj_nifty post here

Mostly packed, at least when it comes to clothes. Still several hours until I need to go..
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oops, a month since I updated my site, again.

I don't really have time for more at the moment; just added Gamabunta and Kyuubi to the character list. That's all for now. Four more extremely minor characters to add before moving on to episode 57.

I find it a bit strange that I should update my LJ this much, and by site so little. It's not like updating my site is in any way inconvenient.

Around four and a half hours until I leave.. Stuff is packed, website work-in-progress has been copied to my cute USB key, and I have the nagging feeling that I've forgotten something really really important.. hmm.. writing down phone numbers, I guess.
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Just passing time..

because it's far too cold outside to go too early.. and there's a chance niichan will arrive before I have to leave.

Passport, plane tickets, train ticket, wallet, keys, baggage.. phone list, address list.. I think I'm all set to go.

Keep forgetting to breathe. >_<

mou.. he's not here yet. About time to go.. his flight probably got delayed.

Leaving in a few minutes either way.