December 30th, 2004


Daily update, I guess.

Good things happening..

Last I heard, Helena is doing better, though I still find myself forgetting to breathe at random moments when thinking about her.

My memory card arrived today. Took lots of kitten pictures.

Went shopping, and somehow managed to spend over $70 without buying either the mouse or FFTA. Actually found the mouse in stores, but it was like $50, whereas buying it online costs $40 including shipping (ordered it today). rekenner will be picking up FFTA for me before coming here on Saturday.
Stuff I bought: Two pairs of shorts, four pairs of socks, carrying pouch for my digicam and batteries.

Still need to go out and take pictures of the many Melaleuca trees in the area.

Haven't been around much to comment on LJ, but I've been reading.