Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Six days.


I have my stuff. Now I just need to clear all the clutter on my desk, computers and the surrounding areas so I can work. I don't think I'll go straight to work on Lorelai; first I am going to make Matsuri my media computer. At 1.7GHz, she should be able to play those newfangled x264-coded files just fine (1GHz is recommended; Lorelai's 750MHz does not suffice). Her video card has TV-out too, so I could just start files through VNC and have them play on my TV. Not sure if I have the optimal VCard drivers on Matsuri.

One week until payday. Had to dip into my reserves, as I expected.. Not like I could both put lots of money in my savings account AND buy a 250GB hard drive out of the same paycheck. Unless I had a real job that actually paid. When I talked to my mother some time ago, I asked her on a whim how much money she earned. Almost twice as much as I do. Of course she's been in that job for years, and it's full time.. but if I got a real job, full time or near-full-time (80% sounds nice to me), I could afford to move in two or three months, and still be able to save money despite a higher rent.

If I can handle having a job. I'm determined to try again, and I'm meeting my case worker next week.

Got a scary letter in the mail today. Have an appointment in mid-March for another sleep test that sounds more extensive than the last one - and it doesn't sound like they are going to push a probe through my nose and down to my throat on this one, but I'm going to call and make sure anyway.

However, this hospital is quite far away - and the directions assumes the patient has a car. It'll take some time and effort to find out how to get there with public transportation, if that is even possible.

..well crud. I'm looking at train tickets for around 1000 NOK round trip, unless I loiter around in Voss for a whole day after the hospital visit, in which case it'd just cost me 500 NOK. Maybe there's a bus..

Or I could call them and reschedule. Or cancel. Can't they do the same thing at a hospital that doesn't require me to spend over six hours on a train?
Tags: computer geekery, medical log

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